Our Philosophy

Access One World is devoted to the idea that a business's success is directly related to the understanding of its customers. A marketing program stands a better chance of being productive if it is timed, designed and developed to fill a need that potential customers have. And it is equally esential that it is carried out in a manner that the customer easily understands and trusts.

Bringing a Product to Market. With the classic product-driven sales approach, engineers and designers create a product and then hand it off to salespeople who must find buyers for it. With a results-driven marketing approach, the first step is to determine customer needs or wants. That information is shared with designers who develop the product and finally to engineers who produce it. Thus, the product-driven sales approach only ends with the customer, while the results-driven marketing approach begins AND ends with the customer.

Simply stated, with the classic product-driven sales approach the customer exists for the business, while with the results-driven marketing approach the business exists for the customer.

A Sensible Approach. Access One World believes that a marketing concept is a management plan that views all marketing components as part of a total system. Forming an effective marketing concept requires planning, organization, leadership and control. It is based on the importance of customers and states that all business policies and activities be aimed at satiisfying customer needs.

Achieving Success. In addition to our Direct Business Access advantage, we specialize in "Getting the Job Done for You and Together with You." We see it as more than just project implementation, it is building an enduring relationship in which mutual success is our primary objective.


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